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Thread: Server Rules

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    Server Rules

    Nuclear 718/839 Rules

    1.) Flaming/Baiting/Spamming - Flaming/Baiting will not be tolerated. You will receive one warning. If you continue, you will be muted.

    2.) Macro use - Any use of an auto clicker/typer or a macro in the use of botting for personal gain is strictly against the rules. You WILL be jailed and/or BANNED if caught.

    3.) VPN use - VPN Voting is NOT allowed, for any reason. If you VPN vote, punishments will follow; and can result in a ban.

    4.) Asking/Begging for a staff position - This is not allowed and will result in a mute. Multiple offenses will result in further punishments.

    5.) Staff Impersonation - This is not allowed. Impersonating a staff member is not a joke, and will be dealt with accordingly.

    6.) Advertising - Advertising another server is strictly against the rules and you will be banned!

    7.) Bug Abuse - Using bugs for personal gain/not reporting bugs will result in a ban. If you know of someone abusing a bug, it needs to be reported to a staff member ASAP, or you may be punished as well.

    8.) Threats to Players/Server - Threats made to the server and/or to people will result in a permanent ban!

    9.) Offensive Names - You will be asked to change your name. If you do not, that account will be banned.

    10.) Luring - While we don’t condone luring, if you do lure in the help fc/yell, you will be punished with a mute. Multiple offenses will result in further punishments.

    11.) Ban/Mute Evasion - If you are evading a mute or ban, your account will be permanently banned and you could end up with an IP ban.

    12.) Scamming - Scamming is not allowed. If you are found guilty of scamming, your account will be banned.

    13.) Real World Trading(RWT) - If you are caught trading Nuclear items for RuneScape items or IRL gain, you will be banned. (Exception for people selling donator status regarding real life money only. RS3 is still not allowed for donations.)

    14.) Safespotting - Safespotting is only permitted on lower tier NPC's.If found safespotting high tier NPC's you will be jailed or even banned depending on the severity. (THIS INCLUDES USING DWARF CANNON OUTSIDE CORP/RAX.)

    15.) Profanity - Excessive amounts, is where the profanity becomes an issue. If it's used to this extent, and offending other players, you will be given a warning. If the warning is ignored, and we receive further complaints, punishments will be given accordingly.

    16.) Bullying/Racism/Discrimination - Definitely not tolerated. Players join and play to have fun and enjoy their time on Nuclear839. This rule is set to ensure that players have fun and feel comfortable

    17.) Disrespecting/Flaming Staff Members - Nuclear staff members are here to enforce the rules, and make the server the best it can be. Disrespecting or flaming staff members can and likely will result in a mute. If serious enough and happens on multiple occasions, you may be banned.

    18.) Cannoning Bosses - Use of a cannon at places at bosses(Other than glacors) are prohibited and will result in your account being jailed.

    For rules on dicing, click here
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    UPDATED: Rule 18. 10/17/2016
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