. They're angry and resentful," Schneider says.

Striking a chord

Trump won 77 percent in the Republican primary in Luzerne County in northeast Pennsylvania,air jordans for cheap.

In the county's main city of Wilkes-Barre, a former mining centre, thousands of supporters turned up for his rally this week.

"They've taken our jobs out of Pennsylvania. We'll be bringing them back folks,www.onlineairjordan.com, believe me," Trump thundered from the stage.

His fired-up fans cheered, chanting,cheap jordans free shipping, "USA, USA," some waving "Trump digs coal" signs.

"Oh, what those politicians have done to us," Trump said, lowering his voice.


Wilkes-Barre has been struggling economically since the end of the coal era [Cajsa Wikstrom/Al Jazeera]

Such charged rhetoric resonates strongly with Trump supporters here: promises of jobs and prosperity, that Trump is not a politician or part of the establishment in Washington.

"I like he's an outsider,wholesale cheap jordans," said Matthew, who brought his seven-year-old

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