to the strategic southeastern coastal city of Mariupol. Through binoculars,, Nikrasov directs my attention to the separatists' positions. Beside us, a young volunteer sleeps under a children's blanket decorated with bright stars and smiling moons,cheap jordan shoes, a large hunting knife stuck in the ground next to his pillow.

Apart from a few bursts of gunfire from both sides the previous day, we haven't seen any fighting yet. I ask Nikrasov if it is always this quiet,

"We try to keep it that way, not to create escalation. They shell us; we fire back ... At the end of the day, we don't move. We are here to stop them from getting to Mariupol," he explains.

A true war of attrition,cheap jordans free shipping, it seems.

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Nikrasov is in charge of the first line of defense of Shirokine. The former translator

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