appointed prime minister by the president of Italy last November, Monti served as a?European Commissioner, an international adviser to Goldman Sachs,cheap air jordans, and the rector of Italy's most exclusive private university,cheap jordans, the Bocconi.

If Monti today is also endorsed by the international establishment (from the Financial Times all the way to US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner),cheap air jordans, it isn't because he hasn't been charged in underage-prostitute scandals but because of his determination to execute the rules of the international system regardless of the vital demands of his country.

There are two features worth pointing out, given their violent consequences: Imposed labour reform and repression of "No-TAV" (high-speed train)?protesters in the Piedmont region near the Italian-French border.

Monti's few months of reform have turned out to be much more harmful than Berlusconi's fourteen years in power,cheap jordan shoes, during which he was never able to touch article 18 of the labour statute, which the new prime minister has demolished. This article stipulated a basic principle of workers' rights - that firms must reinstate workers who have been wrongly dismissed - which is vital, considering Italy's fragile social security net.

Self-inflicted depression

Monti's plan is simple: The new

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