This week we have a variety of previous promotions to enjoy during RuneScape Mysteria. Meanwhile, there are some hotfixes for RuneScape Dimension of the Damned implemented in the game. Letís buy RuneScape gold at first here.What promotions can you enjoy during RuneScape Mysteria?Until October 23, there will be 6 previous promotions available during RuneScape Mysteria, including Smouldering Lamps, RuneScape Gold Lava Lanterns, Meteor Storm, Celebration Lamps, Hydra Lamps and Supernova. And all of these promotions will be active for 4 hours one by one when each promo will follow the below times:00:00 - 03:5904:00 - 07:5908:00 - 11:5912:00 - 15:5916:00 - 19:5920:00 - 23:59What should you pay attention to for this Mysteria?

The times for these promotions will change each day, and youíd better keep an eye out for it constantly in order to join in which you would like in time. In addition, the prizes will be loaded the moment you open the Treasure Hunter or claim a prize, so itís possible for you to find that you get a reward from a former promotion for your first key only.What fixes have Jagex done to Dimension of the Damned?As Jagex has promised, they have done some hotfixes to Dimension of the Damned in order to make it more threatening and enjoyable.From now on, Zombies will not spawn around Falador any more. And the Boss Zombies will deal less damage on spawn. What is more, you will only see base zombies spawned by Hordes.Above all, we really hope the players, who have participated in the Dimension of the Damned at first but quit for its too easy, can join in it again for its hotfixes after they buy RuneScape gold from this site.

Have you learned the ongoing Treasure Hunter - Ghostweave Returns? From it, you can win Ghostweave RuneScape to make Ghostly Outfits. Meanwhile, you can also trade it with Iffie RuneScape for others. Full details are listed below and you can also get cheap RuneScape gold here.The end time of The Treasure HunterJust remember you have 6 days to gather Ghostweave in the Treasure Hunter promo, which ends at 23:59 game time on October 30.Available Ghostly Outfits made by Ghostweave RuneScapeThere are 15Ghostly Outfits available in total during the TH promo, which can be made by Ghostweave RuneScape. Although these outfits cannot stored in POH, they can be destroyed and re-obtained via Iffile RuneScape in Varrock, Diango in Draynor Village, or Ianto in Prifddinas by the holiday portal. In addition, the Ghostweave will be automatically kept on death, unless you die in the wildness.

There are 6 returning Ghostly Outfits,including: Fisher Outfit, Guard Outfit,Princess Outfit , Druid Outfit, Fremennik Outfit, and Farmer Outfit.Meanwhile, there are also 9new Ghostly Outfits: Revenant Outfit, Spirit Hunter Outfit, Reaver Outfit, Builder Outfit, Ringmaster Outfit, Chicken Outfit, Jester Outfit, Lederhosen Outfit, and Clown Outfit.Other usages of GhostweaveIf you like other things, you can give Ghostweave to Iffie RuneScape for cheap old school rs gold or bonus Crafting XP, or turn Ghostweaveinto 7 kinds of special chocolate.Do you like this new Treasure Hunter? Please join in the TH promo ASAP to win more Ghostweave RuneScape. At the same time, donít forget you can there is super cheap RuneScape gold on our site.