The cute little pets in letter of the alphabet Legend deliver your characters with quite helpful stats. you'll get boosts in attack, added harm, power unit in addition as buy mu legend zen combat energy.

Solely Summoned Pets have their basic stats applied to your characters, thus it extremely is significant to require that under consideration once deciding that pet you'd wish to summon.

Only 1 Summoned Pet could be registered at a time, and it'll adhere to you everyplace. once you let your character rest for any durable, pets can do cute motions. Cats wash their faces with their front paws, and Igrits do backward somersaults.

Pets square measure pronto accessible in a very array of species, and additionally you'll be able to uncover many alternative varieties, like Beast, Typical, mu legend zen Support and bug. every and each type of pet additionally has numerous stats. Insect pets have stats as an example "Plant more Damage", "Insect value-added Damage" and "Insect hurt Reduction".
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