Upper part of the trapezoid
Focus Zx1
4. Vertical prints
If you are a beginner in bodybuilding, or if you do not have enough strength to perform tractions, the vertical draws can be a very interesting alternative, in the sense that they are less brutal, and solicits many muscles, mainly in the top of the back. There are several ways to practice vertical prints to build your back. If the results are similar from one exerc Focus Zx1 e to the next, the different versions are nevertheless essential to vary the training and gain efficiency; indeed, if you follow a rigorously identical program day after day, it will be difficult for you to progress. The goal, to get a back both thick and wide, Focus Zx1 to work the different muscle groups from all angles, with various exerc Focus Zx1 es.

The muscles of the back worked during th Focus Zx1 exerc Focus Zx1 e: