how Edward Said's work is a fitting frame through which to think about media representations on and from Latin America,cheap pandora charms.

The Listening Post: The central concept put forward by Edward Said in his book Orientalism deals with how colonial power produces representations of the "other". How does Said's thinking relate to media representations and news coverage on Latin America?

Natalia Vinelli: Said's work is very relevant for anyone analysing international media's conception and representation of Latin America. The images and narratives that are constantly circulated by the mainstream press,cheap pandora bracelets, by soap operas and dramas,cheap pandora rings for sale, find us cast in stereotypical roles, in line with the prejudices of the West - countries that our economies are still dependent on.

Take a news outlet such as CNN Espanol - it projects a vision of what "the perfect Latin American" should be: a businessman who is competitive,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, charming and open to western modernity - servile to the rules and regulations of our globalised world, apologetic about his country's underdevelopment and who feels part of a regional elite who are ultimately aligned with US interests - or at least with the globalising hegemony of free trade agreements.

This &quot,cheap pandora jewelry;perfect Latin American&quot,cheap pandora earrings for sale; stands in contrast

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