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Let me distinguish right away between criticism of the Israeli government’s policies,cheap pandora jewelry for sale,cheap pandora rings for sale, and nastiness towards Jews in general.

To criticise Benjamin Netanyahu is no more anti-Semitic than criticising Bashar al-Assad is anti-Arab or Angela Merkel is anti-German,cheap pandora jewelry,cheap pandora rings.

Even in cases such as North Korea,cheap pandora earrings for sale,cheap pandora bracelets,cheap pandora rings for sale, inveighing against the lunatic who runs it does not mean hating every innocent North Korean citizen.

I write this with feeling having been myself accused,cheap pandora earrings, despite a solid record of support for Israel and for Jewish organisations in this country,cheap pandora charms,cheap pandora bracelets for sale,cheap pandora rings for sale, of anti-Semitism when I attacked Michael Howard.

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