showing him,cheap pandora jewelry,cheap pandora charms, I felt I had to. He said I should get it seen to. He was adamant I go to the doctors."

At Craigavon Hospital in Portadown,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, Nathan was told he might have an infection and was asked to return for a scan in a few days.

Nathan and his fiancee Claire took the diagnosis in their stride

After his first all-clear,cheap pandora jewelry for sale,cheap pandora bracelets,cheap pandora jewelry, Nathan proposed to Claire but there was a surprise in store for the coupe

At the next appointment it was revealed he was suffering with testicular cancer. &nbsp,cheap pandora rings,cheap pandora earrings;Doctors told Nathan he couldn't have children for the foreseeable future,cheap pandora bracelets,cheap pandora rings.

Describing that moment,cheap pandora rings for sale,cheap pandora bracelets, Nathan said: "The lump was a tumour. The pain was caused by the tumour

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