information this morning that Matthew Green’s blog contained a link or links to classified material and also used the NSA logo. For that reason,Wholesale human hair weave, we asked Professor Green to remove the Johns Hopkins-hosted mirror site for his blog,” said the statement.

“Upon further review,” it continued, “we note that the NSA logo has been removed and that he appears to link to material that has been published in the news media. Interim Dean Andrew Douglas will inform Professor Green that the mirror site may be restored.”

Who complained about the logo and the links? Mr. O’Shea said that he was looking into it,Wholesale Peruvian Virgin Hair Online, but that it was definitely not the federal government. Why did the university respond so credulously to the bogus claims about the “classified” links? Not sure. May The Chronicle ask the dean,Lace Wigs? No.

Eventually, Mr. Green—or perhaps a person writing in his likeness—did emerge on Twitter to elaborate on what had happened. The complaint allegedly had come from someone at the university’s Applied Physics Laboratory, Mr. Green wrote. (Mr. O’Shea would not confirm this.)

In any case, the researcher was nonplused by the affair, and said he hoped “to never receive an e-mail like that again.”

“I have

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