The other night, after an exceedingly long day at school, I arrived home to an empty house around 9 p.m. After saying hello to my cats (hubby is out of town, due back on Sunday), I plugged in the Christmas tree lights and prepared my usual home-alone fare of a cold glass of white wine, some peanuts and olives. These I carried over to the table in front of the sofa. I then turned off all the lights in the house and settled into the sofa to sit and gaze at my lighted tree.

Although Christmas trees are deeply associated with Christians and Christmas,hair weave, I don’t really see them that way any more. My attraction for them comes from my taste, a bit of nostalgia, and a strange atavistic yearning on my part to bring some green into my home in the middle of the winter. Aesthetically,Wholesale Cheap Lace Front Wigs, I love the orderly flashiness sported by well decked-out, lighted trees, whether indoors or outdoors. All Christmas trees, no matter how seemingly tasteful,Wholesale hair weave, strike me as a little tacky—akin to Vegas showgirls showing off their splendiferous, shallow beauty, only without the sex.

This year, I purchased a Douglas fir, a little short of five feet, from Home Depot.? I asked the woman who sold it to me where it came from, and she said she wasn’t sure, but that

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