But greed destroys others as well. The Epi-pen scandal, where a company carefully carved out a monopoly with regulators for a simple product costing almost nothing to manufacture,cheap pandora jewelry, is the poster child right now. Greed is the reason for a 600-percent-plus price increase on a product that had been producing a handsome rate of return for its investors for years. Now greed will cost patients who can’t afford the pen their lives. But today that is deemed an acceptable cost by greed’s adherents.

Greed in government

The wall of corruption surrounding the Clintons and their pay-for-access sales of our government is another,cheap pandora bracelets. The Clintons have been selling the United States government since Bill was president and enabled the sale of U,cheap pandora earrings.S,cheap pandora rings for sale. missile technology to China,cheap pandora bracelets for sale.

Members of both political parties in America can be bought for a pittance: crumbs from the tables of the rich and famous,cheap pandora charms for sale. It’s so easy to sell another piece of America to put more money in your own pocket. It’s not like you had achieved anything in life or had anything to offer the rest of us. You just sold something that had been entrusted to you for safe keeping.

The political left most often falls prey to corruption because its voters support corruption if that is the price of advancing their agenda. These voters are easily bought – even more so than the “leaders” they elect. Throw in a little anti-Christian rhetoric, twist degeneracy and human failure into

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