of all protests is being planned for Jan,cheap pandora charms for sale. 20 — Inauguration Day,cheap pandora earrings.

U.S. News reports that two major protests are being planned,cheap pandora rings for sale, one peaceful along the parade route and another being organized by “radical” elements who clearly wish to “shut down the show.”

“One major faction plans an orderly but large demonstration along the parade route. But a more radical effort operating under the tagline ‘no peaceful transition’ seeks to block major roads into the nation’s capital and prevent foot traffic from reaching security checkpoints along the route,” U.S. News reports.

“So, we’re going for what I’d generally term a clusterf–k,” says Legba Carrefour, a local anarchist handling press for the more radical protest-organizing network DisruptJ20.

“We are planning to shut down the inauguration,cheap pandora bracelets, that’s the short of it,cheap pandora bracelets,” he says. “We’re pretty literal about that,cheap pandora jewelry, we are trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don’t think has been seen in D.C. before. We’re trying to shut down pretty much every ingress into the city as well as every checkpoint around the actual inauguration parade route.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore has clearly come out on the side of the more radical

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