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    now, the majority of families send their children to public schools. Public,cheap pandora jewelry, because they?re paid for with billions and billions of tax dollars. Some derisively call them government schools,cheap pandora rings for sale, and in a sense they?re correct. The law (government) requires that children be educated; so,cheap pandora charms for sale, for most families, the public school is the place to accomplish that task.

    It may be the place education is supposed to take place but something has happened over the last 30 years. Actually, what?s happened is that something has not happened. Education, for instance.

    Oh, the kids are going to school all right, but they?re not being educated. Not only has the curriculum been dumbed down, but, too often,cheap pandora bracelets, children are allowed to graduate without even the most basic reading,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, writing and arithmetic skills.

    What a remarkable juxtaposition on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle the morning after President Bush presented his education plan.

    One article detailed the Bush plan and gave an overview of some of the congressional and teachers? union reaction to it.

    Next to that article was another,cheap pandora jewelry, which told California taxpayers that 62 percent of the incoming freshmen in the 22-campus California State University system need remedial English or math!

    The article went on to report that

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