there, but said there did appear to be an access-control issue.

?She turned into a little pocket there,cheap pandora jewelry, and anybody can turn in there,? he said. ?She got caught up and sped off. You wouldn?t be able to do that at another secure government building. They use vehicle traps.?

Bongino had tremendous empathy for his former colleagues in the uniformed branch of the Secret Service and declined to second-guess their split-second decisions in a confusing situation,cheap pandora bracelets.

Noting the unique nature of the White House, he pointed out how agents working up to 20-hour days are surrounded by threats.

The White House is a big target,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, he explained. The president is an even bigger target.

?When the president?s in the White House, it?s even worse,cheap pandora rings for sale,? he said. ?You?re constantly on edge.?

Still, Bongino conceded that the authorities may have overreacted.

?The libertarian in me thinks this was a very dangerous incident for civil liberties,? he said. ?The fact you could have,cheap pandora charms for sale, perhaps, a condition and an extremely bad day and wind up dead, of course,cheap pandora rings for sale, should bother all of us.?


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