or ride this to ground and outlast it, not spending any money. [Cleland] said counterattack. So I gave them the information to do it with,cheap pandora jewelry,? Burkett wrote.

Burkett said no one at the Kerry campaign called him back.

Echoing McClellan?s remarks,cheap pandora rings for sale, Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie said, ?We accept CBS? apology for a breach of the journalistic standards that provide the American people confidence in news organizations, but some disturbing questions remain unanswered.?

Gillespie noted the timing of the CBS report with the Democratic National Committee?s own focus on Bush?s Guard record.

?Did Bill Burkett, Democrat activist and Kerry campaign supporter,cheap pandora bracelets, who passed information to the DNC,cheap pandora earrings, work with Kerry campaign surrogate Max Cleland?? he asked. ?Did Bill Burkett?s talks with ?senior? Kerry campaign officials include discussions of the now discredited documents? Was the launch of the Democrat National Committee?s Operation Fortunate Son designed with knowledge of the faked forged memos? Terry McAuliffe said yesterday that no one at the DNC or Kerry campaign,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, ?had anything to do with the preparations of the documents,? but what about the distribution or dissemination??

Gillespie said,cheap pandora charms for sale, ?In an effort to regain the trust of the American people CBS should not only investigate the process that led to the use of these documents but they should identify immediately those engaged in possible criminal activity who attempted to use

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